Closca #BrilliantMinds
Issue #1

Marcos Aretio:
Smart cities are focused on people

Marcos Aretio is a designer based in Nuremberg currently working for Adidas developing graphic, retail, product and brand design projects. Closca and Markmus Design share the passion for cities and the citizens that inhabit them. Smart Cities are growing concepts that will shape our surroundings and change then into special places to grow in.

– What’s a smart city for you?

A smart city is a city focused on its citizens, its mobility, services and more especially nowadays the environment. We cannot keep on doing things in the old way but in the “green” way, that is why smart and green mobility is essential in my everyday life.

And a smart citizen? Somebody who thinks ahead for himself and the rest of the people. Somebody who uses the city with the least impact for the city and its citizens.


– What are, in your opinion, the best cities to ride a bicycle?

Some of the best cities to ride a bike are those which have a long riding culture, most of these cities, in my opinion, are cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen or Amsterdam. The coexistence with bigger and faster vehicles remains in the respect for each other.


– As an architect, how do you think design can change cities?

Design doesn’t change cities, it’s the city that is changed by design. Everything we see in a city has been planned (urban planners), built (architects) or drawn by creative minds that are essential to the future of any city. The problems stay in those who decide who and how things are planned and built. Design is all that surround us.


“Design doesn’t change cities, its the city that is changed by design.”

The cities revolution will come through innovation, design and people.

Now the question is not if design can change cities, its innovation and ideas mixed with architects and designers what will revolutionize cities. We no longer have to simply build a building, we need to think about the electrical plugs for the electric cars, the way to spare energy, lighting or materials in the process, the recycling of waste or the bicycle parking downtown.

– How do you see cities in 50 years?

I see a bright future for cities. We have learned from the past and we look into to the future of ideas and innovation. We share cars, rent bikes or make longer trips by tapping on our mobile devices. We can share a photo and make a report to the city counselor in minutes, ask for crowd funding to fix a problem or simply be part of the neighborhood via social media apps such as It’s the cocktail, again, that will improve and make cities better.


Marcos Aretio, Markmus Design

The #BrilliantMinds project

Closca Brilliant Minds are a series of interviews with influencing people around the world. The minds that will shape the cities of the future.

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