The bike helmet for the citizens of today

Accessory, bike and protection. These three elements create in our mind the idea of a bike helmet, but the image of that idea can be shaped in many different ways.

Closca cares about these spaces, these recesses of creation between the idea and its realization, and how the introduction of a new concept in this equation can completely change the shape of the object and the idea itself.

Closca Fuga Foldable Helmet

That is why at Closca, when we think of a bike helmet we don’t only think of a protection accessory. We think about the environment in which we live and the people who inhabit it.

We think of all those who choose the bike as an attitude towards urban life.

An attitude that implies awareness, sensitivity, and talent to contribute to the environment in which we live. An attitude that always involves a sense of good taste.

The new city is defined by people who understand the value of objects created from the innovation that always involves the design, the value of the technique, the user needs and the meaning of the objects we use in our day to day.

Talent, commitment and sophistication are the concepts of the future cities and citizens, the time and space where Closca belongs.